3 Must-Watch On Demand Webcasts for your 2016 Security Strategy!



On-Demand Webcast #1:

5 Mistakes You’re Probably Making Selling Security – And How To Fix Them!

Security is the number one concern of SMB business owners today…

If you aren’t leading your prospect and client conversations with Security, or are struggling to sell high-margin security services, you may be making one or more of 5 critical mistakes. This important Webcast will help you avoid making 5 critical mistakes that can prevent you from selling Security solutions easily and winning high-margin business. Along the way, we identify how to leverage these solutions to grow recurring revenues and increase lifetime client value.

On-Demand Webcast #2:

How To Increase Revenues With Office 365 And Keep Your Customers Safer

65% of SMB Customers Will Adopt Cloud Applications in 2015 – IDC…

91% Of Attacks Use Spearfishing Emails…
If you’re selling and managing Office 365 for your customers, you need to watch this On-Demand State of the Industry Webcast to learn how to keep them safer from Email attacks. If you are struggling to sell high-margin Cloud services because of Security concerns, you need to watch this On-Demand Webcast to learn how to overcome these objections to win high-margin Cloud and Security business!

On-Demand Webcast #3:
Security Roundup – Analyzing Q1 2015’s Threat Landscape – From Malvertisements to Ransomware and More…

When it comes to the threats seen in 2015, it seems no amount of caution can protect users. Cybercriminals and threat actors no longer need to create new channels to reach their victims and targets. Most of the groundwork has already been laid out, they only need to follow through.The biggest security gaps are the ones often overlooked. From Malvertisements to Ransomware, we will cover the latest information from Trend Micro’s threat researchers who are constantly monitoring the deep web for new threats.

During this important Webcast, we analyze these and other security threats that happened in Q1 2015:

  • Malvertisements laced with zero-day exploits that catch unassuming web surfers unawares – we analyze the Adobe Flash incident this past February
  • Adware on Mobile devices – a significant, growing threat – we’ll take a look at the recent Google Play app takedown
  • Macro Malware that was embedded in Microsoft Word files
  • OpenSSL exploits that continue to give cybercriminals a foothold by taking advantage of old and  known vulnerabilities
  • Retail POS malware attacks that caught the biggest sector – Retail – unawares

Watch and Receive a Copy of Trend Micro’s Q1 2015 Security Roundup Report!

This is our 1st Security Roundup Webcast in partnership with Trend Micro, and if you watch no other Webcast this year – you must attend this one, as we analyze the results of Trend Micro’s Q1 2015 Security Roundup Report.

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