Are You an Owner Interested in Selling Your Business Someday?

Are You an Owner Interested in Selling Your Business Someday?

If you’re a business owner, what’s your exit strategy?

Would you like to sell your business some day?
Are you interested in discovering its true, objective value to different buyers and what impacts it?
Could a strategic buyer’s tools, processes, staff and budget provide you needed resources?
Would you like to reduce your personal business risk and still fulfill a valuable role with equity?
Is it time to start exploring an exit strategy that provides for you, your staff and customers?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, let’s have a quick chat so I can share my work with interested strategic buyers that are seeking win-win merger and acquisition opportunities.

Even if you’re a little bit curious about the best way to establish an exit strategy, I encourage you to speak with me confidentially (I’ll send over a signed NDA). I’m more than happy to provide you insights and guidance on different ways to maximize your business value over time, even if you’re not ready to engage with prospective buyers yet.

We aren’t brokers, and charge no fees to sellers for calls or introductions to potential buyers, so click below for a quick chat!

Erick Simpson

SVP & CIO, SPC International Online

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Are you an owner interested in selling your business someday? Curious about the best way to establish an exit strategy? Explore different ways to maximize your business value and learn about our work with strategic buyers seeking win-win M&A opportunities.


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