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Don’t Let This Happen To You: Real World MSP Security Horror Stories

Don’t Let This Happen To You: Real World MSP Security Horror Stories

Do you wonder if you’re sufficiently protected against the risk of a client’s security  breach? What if you or your staff are the cause of that breach? What if your client is regulated?

Your clients trust you with the keys to their most precious data, but…

  • MSPs make mistakes
  • Employees take shortcuts
  • Former employees can weaponize your powerful remote access tools

This can hurt your clients, your reputation, and kill your dreams…

What You’ll Learn During Our Webinar:

  1. What you MUST to do comply with laws and industry regulations (This isn’t as simple as vendors want you to believe)
  2. How to secure your company against threats unique to MSPs (Hint: Don’t trust anyone but yourself)
  3. Best practices to ensure you really are compliant, secure, and that your insurance will pay off when you need it (Much easier and cheaper than just assuming things are OK and finding out you are wrong)
  4. How to change Security and Compliance from being THREATS to the biggest OPPORTUNITIES you will ever have to close deals

Join me and my special guest, security and compliance expert Mike Semel, as we share real-life PREVENTABLE experiences that MSPs have gone through. Some simply didn’t know what they didn’t know about their liability in these situations. By the end of this important Webcast, you’ll know what these partners didn’t, and the steps to take to ensure you are always protected by preventing or responding to data breaches.

Erick Simpson

Erick Simpson
Vice President & CIO
SPC International Online, Inc.

Mike Semel
CEO & Founder
Semel Consulting


Each attendee will receive an MSP Risk Reduction Checklist, and a free copy of Mike Semel’s best-selling book, How to Avoid HIPAA Headaches, simply for attending, so register now.

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Join the Trend Micro SMB Virtual Roadshow


Join the Trend Micro SMB Virtual Roadshow - Engage With Our SMB Team

We understand that your inbox is inundated with requests for your time and money. So what makes this Webinar different?!

First, You will have an opportunity to engage with key stakeholders within the Trend Micro SMB team. Ask our SMB panel of experts questions. Secondly, we’ll preview SMB security trends and help you extend value to your customers.

Need another reason? As you look to close out the first half of 2016 strong, this is MUST-SEE content, that can favorably impact your bottom line.

Here’s an overview of the agenda:

  • Why Trend Micro?
  • How we help our partners grow.
  • How to protect against Ransomware
  • Next Generation Endpoint Protection
  • Trend Micro MSP Program Overview
  • Q&A
Trend Micro
SPC International Online - The IT Busineess Builder

SPC International Online, Inc. | 333 City Blvd. W. | Suite 1700 | Orange, CA 92606 | (855) 772-6778


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