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Why Do Solution Providers and MSP’s Suck at Marketing?

In his recent blog post, Joe Panettieri, Editor in Chief of TechIQ, reports on Larry Kesslin’s views of why MSP’s find marketing so challenging, as voiced at the recent Cisco Marketing Forum in Miami, Florida.

Larry, President of 4 Profit, an organization that serves both Solution Providers as well as Vendors, hits the nail squarely on the head, and offers these 10 reasons that Solution Providers don’t invest in Marketing:

10. Claim: “We have no time to deal with it.” Reality: “I wouldn’t know what to do even if I had the time.”

9. Claim: “I can’t afford it.” Reality: “I don’t have have marketing budget so I rely on joint marketing funds/market development funds as my marketing.”

8. Claim: “I tried it before and it didn’t work.” Reality: “I had unrealistic expectations and wasn’t committed to the outcome.”

7. Claim: “The ROI won’t be fast enough.” Reality: “Should I take profits for myself or make a growth investment outside of my comfort zone?”

6. Claim: “We don ‘t have the staff to manage or implement marketing.” Reality: “No one on staff knows what good marketing looks like so we don’t explore it.”

5. Claim: “No one owns the process.” Reality: “It’s too much work for a staff that has limited expertise in this area.”

4.Claim: “Fear of the unknown.” Reality: “Fear of the unknown being a bust.”

3.Claim: “Uncertain of the message.” Reality: “We don’t have a clear value proposition ourselves.”

2.Claim: “The ROI is uncertain or unclear.” Reality: “How much will it cost and what is the real return?”

1. Claim: “What should we do first?” Reality: “We don’t know where to start, so we don’t.”

How many of you identify with some or many of these attitudes?

These perceptions are the reasons that our Collateral as a Service, Marketing as a Service and Sales Training as a Service are among the most popular among our Partners – because we do all the heavy lifting, and guide them through these unfamiliar processes.

The sooner we as Solution Providers and MSP’s embrace the horror that in order to chart our own destiny and manage and control our growth, efficiencies and profitability, we need to not only develop a consistent marketing strategy, but invest in our marketing.

See the entire article here.

Erick Simpson
MSP University 

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