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Recorded Webinar Posted: How To Increase Profits By Providing Free Service to Clients

Topic: How to Increase Profits by Providing Free Service to Existing Clients IStock_000006987567Medium
This is one of the best State of the Industry Webinars we have had, with over 2/3 of the attendees staying on and asking questions for 20 minutes after our scheduled end time!
In case you missed it live, we've posted MSP University's latest State of the Industry Webinar and it and its companion slide deck are available for viewing now on MSP University's website. Browse to and select "Courses" in the top navigation bar. The Webcast can be found under "This Month's FREE Training".
(If you do not already have a Free Basic MSP University Membership, you will be asked to create one to view this webinar and access the included PowerPoint slide deck. If you already have an MSP University Membership, you'll simply need to log in to access the download)

This recorded Webinar focuses on helping your clients during these tough economic times in ways that increase their satisfaction, position you as a "go-giver" and true business partner, differentiate your business from your competitors, and uncover additional revenue opportunities that you can help your clients budget for, to increase their operational uptime and profitability.
The techniques and methodology discussed during this Webinar are a tremendous way for you to strengthen your existing client relationships by helping your clients through difficult economic times.

This is truly a win-win all the way around for you and your existing clients – and will open the door to more opportunity!

Our special guest for this unique presentation is Chad Gniffke, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Kaseya, who shares how Kaseya partners are leveraging this philosophy with their existing clients.

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