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Attend SPC’s Business Transformation Sessions at Ingram Micro Cloud Summit 2017!

Attend SPC’s Business Transformation Sessions at Ingram Micro Cloud Summit 2017!

SPC’s Gary Beechum and Erick Simpson Present Transformational Leadership Sessions at Ingram Micro’s 2017 Cloud Summit

We’re proud to announce that SPC’s President and CEO; Gary Beechum, and Vice President and CIO; Erick Simpson, will be training and enabling Ingram Micro Cloud Summit attendeed once again in 2017, and invite you to register and attend their Transformational Leadership sessions!

Gary Beechum
IT, MSP and Cloud Sales Training and Business Development Expert | Speaker | Consultant

Gary Beechum

Over 30 years of experience in the IT industry as a VAR, MSP, and sales and business development expert, Trainer and Consultant, Gary’s experience uniquely qualifies him to deliver effective IT Business Development Improvement strategies for VARs, Resellers, Solution Providers and MSPs and Cloud Providers for supercharging top-line sales revenue growth.

Erick Simpson
IT, MSP and Cloud Business and Channel Improvement Expert | Author | Speaker | Consultant

Erick Simpson

Over 30 years of experience in the IT industry as an Enterprise CIO, MSP, Business Process Improvement Expert with hundreds of successful IT Solution Provider, MSP and Cloud practice business improvement consulting engagement outcomes, Erick has also worked with numerous clients on both the buy and sell sides of the M&A and Merger Integration process.


Gary’s Sessions

Thursday, April 20th: 2:40pm – 3:20pm
How to Transition From Break-Fix to the Cloud
This session focuses on the decisions, steps and processes you’ll need to first consider and then implement in order to transition your business model from a reactive break-fix practice to an effective cloud services practice. Attendees will receive SPC’s Cloud Computing Primer Best Practices Guide.

Friday, April 21st: 2:40pm – 3:20pm
Building the Cloud: Sales Culture, Management and Compensation
Selling cloud can be a daunting challenge for traditional reseller sales teams, requiring a different type of sales management approach and compensation plan to succeed. This session explores how to implement an easy-to-follow cloud sales management strategy with specific sales activities and measurable KPIs to help your sales teams move opportunities through the pipeline. We’ll also cover a simple compensation plan design that motivates sales professionals to get in front of more prospects and close more cloud business. Attendees will receive SPC’s Sales Management KPI Dashboard, Sales Compensation Plan Template and Sales Compensation Calculator.

Friday, April 21st: 3:40pm – 4:20pm
Building Effective Executive Leadership Skills to Grow Your Cloud Practice
How do you determine what traits define an effective leader? In this session, dive into the traits required to become an effective leader for your cloud practice. You will discover what traits to look for in leaders, what personal traits you should develop in yourself, and how can nurture your team to become leaders as well. It’s time to become the leader your team deserves. Attendees will receive SPC’s Leadership Self Assessment Survey.

Erick’s Sessions

Thursday, April 20th: 1:00pm – 1:40pm
Project Planning for Cloud Success
Poor project management is one of the three areas where you can incur the fastest losses in profitability. This session focuses on developing and implementing an effective and efficient project planning and management process for cloud implementations. Communication, change and risk management examples are covered, along with best practices for scheduling and managing the project kickoff meeting and ongoing phase and, finally, project acceptance processes. Attendees will receive SPC’s Project Management Process Best Practice Guide, Poject Plan Acceptance Agreement, Project Change Order Request Form and Project Phase and Overall Project Completion Acceptance Form.

Thursday, April 20th: 1:50pm – 2:30pm
Add Value to Your Customer Relationships With Ingram Micro’s Cloud Calculator
This session introduces the Ingram Micro Cloud Calculator, developed by SPC to help you price and bundle services and solutions from multiple Ingram Micro Cloud vendors easily and quickly to maximize profits and add more value to your customer relationships. Learn how to identify vendors and their services, along with your costs and how to adjust your retail pricing and margins to realize your desired sales outcomes. Attendees will receive training and access to Ingram Micro’s Cloud Calculator developed by SPC.

Thursday, April 20th: 4:30pm – 5:10pm
3 Ways to Sell the Cloud
Selling cloud requires a different strategy when it comes to prospecting and preparation, warm-up, qualifying, presenting, overcoming objections, closing and follow-up. This session covers the three primary opportunities you and your sales team have to sell your cloud services and solutions. This includes new prospect opportunities, existing customers during a focused marketing and sales campaign and, finally, your “A” clients during QBRs. You’ll also learn a simple and powerfully effective strategy to consistently sell the cloud using three ways that accelerate and compound your recurring revenues steadily over time. Attendees will receive SPC’s Cloud Computing Primer Best Practices Guide.

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What Managed Services Providers Can Offer Amid the Hacked Email Scandal

What Managed Services Providers Can Offer Amid the Hacked Email Scandal

We have learned a lot this election season, especially about technology, data management, and the potential for hacks. As we speak, WikiLeaks continues to leak a slow drip of emails from Hillary Clinton’s personal email server. While this is an interesting read and news story, the underlying concerns are frightening. Business owners should be troubled by personal emails and personal servers. Managed services can ease those fears. Look at how to offer managed services during a hacked email scandal.

What is the Concern?

To better understand what position companies and managed service providers are in, let’s first take a brief look at what the concern is with the email. There are a few issues at play here: personal email for confidential business use, the use of a private server, and the hack.

These are the concerns business should have, and the concerns managed service providers must address.

Caution: You should not be political when making the case for managed services to business decision makers. You may have the greatest sales pitch and services, but as soon as you allow your own personal politics to influence the conversation, you will lose the client. Remain professional. You can address these business security concerns without making political statements.

3 Ways Managed Service Providers Ease Security Concerns

Managed service providers can bring the email and hacking issues to the forefront of a managed services agreement meeting. Here are the three concerns your company should be prepared to speak about, and for which it must offer a safe and secure solution.

1.   Email confidentiality

Companies corresponded in and out of the office on a daily business. What should not happen is personal correspondence via business email, or business talk on a personal email. Hosted email services offer encryption, 24/7 customer support, top-level and industry-compliance standards, and spam and virus protection. Hosted email can also be accessed from the home or workplace, but with security in mind to protect the company from itself and from others.

2.   Hacking

While the current coverage about the hacking is interesting because we are learning about what goes behind the scenes, remember one thing – this is still a hack. Neither personal nor business operations are immune to hacking and data breaches, especially with poor IT management, IT gaps, and limited managed services agreements – if some companies have any at all. Hacks are a serious concern for business, and that must be expressed in any sales call, agreement meeting, or customer service interaction. If the only safeguard against a company hack is your service, then you need to express that.

3.   Data storage

Where does the company’s data go, including communications and service contacts? A company without a solid and comprehensive data collection plan is subject to lost data and hacking. Managed service providers act proactively to prevent such losses. Managed storage and backup is appealing for two reasons: it is easy to use, and it helps businesses remain compliant. These are the two main points you will want to drive home when trying to sell a business managed services.

As a managed service provider, you need to articulate the process of data storage and the proactive steps you take to protect and encrypt that data. Data security is of great concern to companies, but there is also the fear that anything collected can be exposed or accessed by intrusions and hackers. Sell your data management solutions, such as managed backups, asset protection, lower operating costs, high efficiency, transparency, and end-to-end encryption.

You can use current news and events to boost sales and to articulate the benefits and the need of your products and services. Position your company in a way to address these concerns and offer targeted solutions.

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