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There’s a Reason Your IT Business Isn’t Growing As Fast As You’d Like…

Do these business growth challenges sound familiar?

  • You don’t have documented processes for marketing, sales and service delivery that everyone follows to eliminate guesswork, increase efficiencies and fuel growth
  • Your operational, marketing, sales and service delivery platforms are not properly configured to easily provide the business data you need to grow
  • You lack a proven formula that identifies if you’re overstaffed or understaffed in key business units, and who and when to hire next, based on business and revenue growth targets
  • It’s difficult to determine your true costs of service delivery for flat-fee services to confirm and maintain your gross margins
  • You’re not sure that you’ve bundled and priced your services properly to accelerate sales and help overcome pricing and sales objections
  • You haven’t yet been able to eliminate project scope creep and scope seep 100%, resulting in missed milestones and extended timelines, eroding margins for initially more profitable projects
  • You tend to focus on technical solutions rather than business outcomes, prompting your clients to negotiate on price much of the time
  • You aren’t conducting QBRs properly and consistently to properly reflect your strategic value to clients and have them agree to and budget for new projects on a regular basis
  • IF YOU DON’T DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT, you won’t evolve into a more profitable, efficient strategic business organization able to hire the skilled talent necessary to grow to the next level


If they do, you need to watch this On-Demand Webcast…

What You’ll Learn:

  • Our 11 “Herbs and Spices” for accelerated business growth and the areas to focus on to overcome the bottlenecks in each of your key business units
  • How to lead and manage all of your billable technical resources against performance KPIs and what those KPIs should be
  • How to conduct a Quarterly Business Review properly with each of your “A” and “B” clients to uncover additional project and service opportunities that they’ll agree to budget for

Presented by Erick Simpson

Vice President and CIO of SPC International, Erick is an IT and MSP Cloud Business and Channel Improvement Expert, Author, Speaker and Consultant

Erick Simpson LinkedIn

Erick Simpson

  • 30 year’s experience in the IT industry as a CTO and CIO
  • Business Process Improvement Expert
  • DISC Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst – CPBA
  • PIAV Certified Professional Values Analyst – CPVA
  • Question Based Selling Methodologies Certified
  • Question Based Selling Advanced Methodologies Certified
  • 100 Most Visible Channel Leaders – Jay McBain
  • 2 Time ChannelPro 20/20 Visionary – ChannelPro
  • Managed Services Thought Leader – MSPMentor
  • Industry Expert – Kaseya
  • SMB 150 – SMB Nation
  • 3 Time MSPMentor 250 – MSPMentor
  • SBSC Partner Advisory Board – Microsoft
  • Local Engagement Team Advisor – Microsoft
  • Managed Services Advisory Council – CompTIA
  • IT Industry Advisory Council – Expetec
  • Go To Market Program Advisor – Cisco
  • Go To Market Program Advisor – Intel

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Webcast: Security Roundup – Q1 2015’s Threat Landscape


Your Host Erick Simpson Vice President - SPC International Online

It’s time for our Security Roundup Webcast!

This is our 1st Security Roundup Webcast in partnership with Trend Micro, and if you attend no other Webcast this year – you must attend this one, as we analyze the results of Trend Micro’s Q1 2015 Security Roundup Report.

Register Now and Join us Tuesday, June 23rd
at 11am PST/2pm EST

Trend Micro’s Q1 2015 Security Roundup Report and Analysis

When it comes to the threats seen this past quarter, it seems no amount of caution can protect users. Cybercriminals and threat actors no longer need to create new channels to reach their victims and targets. Most of the groundwork has already been laid out, they only need to follow through.The biggest security gaps are the ones often overlooked. From Malvertisements to Ransomware, we will cover the latest information from Trend Micro’s threat researchers who are constantly monitoring the deep web for new threats.

Trend Micro's Q1 2015 Security Roundup Report
Our Featured Presenter: Mike Murphy - Trend Micro
Our Featured Presenter: Jon Clay - Trend Micro

During this important Webcast, we’ll analyze these and other security threats that happened in Q1 2015:

  • Malvertisements laced with zero-day exploits that catch unassuming web surfers unawares – we’ll analyze the Adobe Flash incident this past February
  • Adware on Mobile devices – a significant, growing threat – we’ll take a look at the recent Google Play app takedown
  • Macro Malware that was embedded in Microsoft Word files
  • OpenSSL exploits that continue to give cybercriminals a foothold by taking advantage of old and known vulnerabilities
  • Retail POS malware attacks that caught the biggest sector – Retail – unawares
Trend Micro Q1 2015 Security Roundup Report
Your Chance to Win an Apple TV!



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