Support Women In IT For A Ransomware Prevention Kit!

Third Tier Ransomware Prevention KitOur good friends Amy Babinchak and Susan Bradley at Third Tier have just released a brand new Ransomware Prevention Kit, and have asked us to help promote it to support their fundraiser to support females that want to enter the field of IT. This is a win-win-win all around, as you can help protect yourself and your clients and lend your support to a great cause.

Oh – and did I mention that you get to name your own donation amount in exchange for this amazingly valuable resource?

From Third Tier’s post:

A lot has changed since October 2013. Yes, it has really been two years since we published our group policies to help mitigate against Cryptolocker. Since then we added instructions for protecting non-domain joined machines, workgroup computers, configuring your firewall, protecting your backup locations, advice on minimizing your attack surface and educating clients. It’s the proverbial onion layer approach. There’s no one solution for something like this because it’s always morphing.

So now that script kiddies can purchase an encryption attack and push it out and the bad guys have come up with a dozen or more really effective and tricky encrypting malware variations (and thousands of me-too versions) it’s time for a new ransomware prevention kit.All of the old stuff still applies so there will be a lot of the same old thing. But a few new tricks as well and some options that you might want to consider. It is our hope that you will be able to take the information and techniques that we are providing and build your own solution with the appropriate layers for each client that you serve.


  • Group Policies
  • New WMI Filters
  • Software Restriction Policy instructions
  • TOR, Flash, Zip blocking
  • Firewall settings
  • PC and User settings
  • Securing backup
  • Application Whitelisting
  • Recovery Keys
  • Deployment Script
  • Powerpoint Presentation Slides
  • Blog post listing
  • Other Resources
  • File Server Resource Manager
  • and yes, there will be new content added from time to time

Click here for more information, and help support a worthy cause: 

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