2008, The Economy and minimizing its impact on Service Revenue with vPro

I’ve just posted a timely blog on Intel’s vPro Expert Center regarding the current state of the US economy, where it’s heading and what we as Service Providers can do to grow our business during uncertain economic times with the right tools and technology, such as vPro, which lets us manage desktops and laptops when they’re out of band (in an "off" state), and best practices processes and procedures, such as those disseminated by MSP University. Here is the intro to that blog:

There has been a lot of chatter lately on the boards and newsgroups I monitor about the economy in 2008, and whether we can classify its current status as an economic downturn, mini-recession, recession, etc. It’s been generally accepted by noted economists that we are certainly experiencing an economic downturn, if measured by a significant decline in activity spread across the economy, and lasting longer than a few months. On the other hand, the technical indicator of a recession is defined as two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth as measured by our GDP.

We’ll need to wait for this quarter’s numbers to see if the US economy will indeed be categorized as in recession, based upon last quarter’s decline in growth, even though most economists agree we are heading that way, led by indicators such as the fall of the housing market to its lowest level since 1993, and consumer spending posting its smallest gain since 1991. The most telling news heralding the severity of our current economic climate is Sunday’s announcement of the buyout of Bear Stearns, one of the world’s largest and most venerable investment banks by JPMorgan, for the fire-sale price of only $2 a share.

So what does this economic downturn mean to us as service providers? Businesses traditionally are much more careful in their spending during times of economic uncertainty, and I.T. projects are normally among the first batch of initiatives to be placed on hold, as clients and prospects tighten their belts to weather the storm. It’s important for us to identify this reality and shape our internal processes, deliverables and their supporting technologies, message and value proposition accordingly so that we can take advantage of these opportunities.

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Erick Simpson
MSP University

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