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I had an epiphany today during an internal (internal MSPU) marketing meeting. We were discussing our "Educate, Train & Support" philosophy for Partners which we deliver in the following fashion:


  • Books – "The Guide to a Successful Managed Services Practice" and "The Best I.T. Sales & Marketing BOOK EVER!"
  • MSP University – online training delivered via Webinars along with supporting forms, tools and collateral


  • Community Webcasts
  • Live Workshops
  • Industry Events
  • Boot Camps
  • Onsite Consulting


  • Marketing as a Service (MaaS)
  • Collateral as a Service (CaaS)
  • Helpdesk Services
  • CEO Program

And I realized after our meeting that we as Service Providers also follow this same basic philosophy of "Educate, Train and Support" with our clients. Think about it for a second – we educate our clients even before they become our clients as to why they should hire us as their Trusted Advisor, then continue to educate them on new Solutions to reduce their costs, improve their efficiencies and mitigate their business pain and risk. During our relationship, we train our clients in the new technologies and solutions we deliver, and finally we support their businesses proactively, leveraging tools and technology, process and procedure as their Trusted MSP and Advisor.

These parallels, and their realization prompted me to blog. Does this process ring true with your organization? I look forward to your feedback.

Erick Simpson

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