Expetec Convention 2008 Visits Microsoft

Expetec Technology Services is holding their 2008 Convention here in Seattle, Washington a few days ahead of the SMBNation 2008 Fall Conference. Attendees received a rare treat yesterday as they were hosted by Kevin Watt, Microsoft Product Manager for Windows Server for an in-depth overview of Microsoft SBS and EBS 2008 at Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond. Thanks to Bernardo Alfredo Munoz and Kevin Watt for graciously making this happen for the Expetec franchisees and delivering a unique opportunity to interact with the top of the Windows Server org chart.

I delivered a keynote presentation today focusing on improving service delivery profits during periods of economic downturns and discussed the need to move towards a more service-centric business model and away from commodity-based deliverable;, and the need to understand four key areas when engaging with prospects and clients in order to align ourselves more closely with their business needs as a Trusted Advisor:

  • Understand your clients' business operations
    • What are their daily workflows, processes and procedures?
  • Understand your clients' target market
    • Why do customers buy from your client instead of their competitors?
    • How can you improve your client's value proposition to their customers?
  • Understand your clients' competitive challenges
    • Who are your client's competitors?
    • What could cause a customer to leave your client?
  • Understand your clients' business priorities
    • What are each business unit's daily, monthly and yearly goals?
    • What are your client's overall business goals?
    • What is your client willing to invest in today to achieve these goals?
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    1. Monique Rogers October 8, 2008

      This was an excellent event for all Expetec attendees. The creativity and insight of all involved will continue to push the limits of the HaaS offering, re-define Managed Services, and determine what a true Trusted Technology Advisor will be.
      Watch this group (Expetec), and the involvement of MSPU and CharTec.
      An new era has begun…