How Cold Calling Can Improve Your Business

Does your managed services business utilize cold calling to target potential clients?  If the answer is no, this is a practice you should consider in addition to other sales strategies.  While it is true that not all businesses relish the thought of using cold calling to approach potential clients, there is a reason why this method continues to be used throughout the business world.  To put it simply- it works. 

It is important to understand that the process itself is not a guarantee, and many of the people who are contacted will not turn into a lead or potential client.  With that being said, if you have realistic expectations of what your sales team can accomplish using cold calling and implement effective techniques to make the call less "cold", then you might find this method can benefit your managed services business.  Here we look at a few tips to improve your cold calling results.

Warm things up-  Let's face it, no one looks forward to being on the receiving end of a sales call.  Business owners and managers are busy, therefore you want to get to the point of your call as quickly as possible.  Before diving into your sales pitch however, the first seconds of your call should establish some sort of connection with the potential client.  Introduce yourself and thank them for taking your call.  Acknowledge that you have caught them unexpectedly and ask if they have just a few moments of time to talk in order to gauge if further conversation is necessary.  This should put the individual somewhat at ease, knowing you do not intend to tie up their entire afternoon trying to make a sale. 

Determine if you can help them solve a problem. The point of the call is to determine if the company has a need for your services and if so, provide information as to how you can help them resolve a problem.  Using your expertise in the industry, point out challenges that have led other companies to use your services and ask if any of these challenges are an issue. In doing this you establish your credibility in the field and give them the opportunity to either acknowledge or decline the services you are offering.  At this time you can determine if the individual is open for further conversation – you can do this by thanking them for listening and asking if they wish to continue with the conversation.  In doing so you respect the time they have given you and are willing to keep your word that the call will only take up a few minutes of their time. If you have piqued their interest they may be willing to continue the conversation now or at some point in the future.

Establish if an appointment would be acceptable - You have made the contact and offered the introductory information to the potential client.  At this point, you can ask if they would be agreeable to a visit when they have time to discuss things further. 

This is just a basic outline of how to get started making cold calls.  Understand that it is quite possible out of every 50 calls you may only reach one person who is willing to discuss things further, however that is one potential client that you may not have otherwise reached without using cold calling.

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