How Managed Services Providers Can Use Linkedin Effectively

If you are a managed services provider and are looking to build your business and your reputation, Linkedin just might be your answer. Linkedin is currently the largest professional network on the web with over 65 million members. Linkedin is a place for businesses just like yours to exchange knowledge and ideas with other professionals, to become noticed in your field, to find new clientèle and ultimately to grow your business. Here are some tips to help you use Linkedin effectively.

1. Create Your LinkedIn Profile Page:

The profile page on Linkedin can be a very powerful tool for your business. While just having a profile page will index you on search engine sites, building a top notch profile will get you high page rankings and set you apart from your competition. Be sure to completely fill out your profile and include important elements like an image (usually your company logo), specific details about the services your company provides, products offered, company experience, company recognition and awards along with anything else you think is pertinent.

2. Use LinkedIn to Connect With Others

Once you have your profile up and running, making connections is the next step. Use the search tool and find people you know and connect with them. You will want to connect with an array of people including your close personal friends and all of your current business contacts, including any current customers.  It is also important to find people from your past like former business associates, former employers, former classmates and more. You never know which person you make a contact with could lead you to your next big client.

3. Join LinkedIn Groups

Utilize groups on Linkedin. There are countless groups that you can join. You will want to find the ones that are related to your business and join them for networking purposes. You may also benefit from joining groups that you are looking to provide your services to. Joining a variety of groups can lead you to find potential clients and help you connect with other professionals in your field. Connecting with other professionals can lead to the exchange of valuable information as well as valuable brainstorming sessions. 

4. Visit and Participate in the Linkedin Answers Section

A great way to build your reputation in the Managed Services industry is to share your knowledge by answering questions that other members have posted. Search the answers section for questions that relate to your business. Answering these questions is a great way to gain recognition and respect in your area of expertise.

Asking questions can also be of benefit to your business. Posting questions that will lead you to new clients is key. For example you could ask, “Have you been able to find a good managed services provider,” or “do you have IT needs that are not being met?”  When people answer your questions you can follow up and let them know how you can fill in the gaps that they are facing.

If you follow the above tips and use Linkedin in your business, you will be able to watch your client list grow as you edge out your competition.

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