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Group_01 Businesses that have survived the often difficult start up period, as well as the turmoil of a shaky economy are poised for success in upcoming years.  There are many factors that go into building a successful business – with the hiring of exceptional employees topping the list.  The following tips can help business owners and managers improve their recruiting and hiring practices to ensure the right person is placed in the right position.

  • Understand that hiring a "mini-me” is not always beneficial to the company -  do not disqualify people who do not have the exact same working habits or mannerisms that you possess.  There are many instances where opposing personalities work well together by complimenting others' weaknesses.  This being said, you should certainly look for employees who share the same work ethic, goals and vision that you do to ensure everyone is working toward the same result. 
  • Develop a structured hiring process – utilize purpose-built processes and checklists like those available from MSP University to streamline and speed up the hiring and on-boarding process for new staff.
  • Avoid rushing the hiring process -  take the hiring of new employees seriously to avoid investing time and money in training a person who is not well suited for the job.  Unfortunately, some businesses require “bodies” to perform work, and when facing an empty position they rush to fill it without taking the time to seriously look at the employee's ability to perform the job. 
  • Cast a large net -  take advantage of employment services (which often do a lot of the screening for you), online job postings and even word-of-mouth within your industry.  Seek out referrals from colleagues, current employees, vendors or trade associations.
  • Utilize DISC behavioral profiling to make certain you "get the right folks in the right seats on the bus" – to coin a phrase from Jim Collins.
  • Clearly define duties and responsibilities -  before you interview potential candidates make sure you have a detailed list of duties and responsibilities to ensure nothing is skipped during the interview.  Just because you know what you are looking for, do not assume the candidate has a clear understanding of what will be asked of them.  By presenting everything in a clear and concise manner during the interview you avoid hiring a person who “thought” they could do the job only to find they really are not qualified.
  • Discuss company policies and compensation -  there is no point in interviewing and considering a candidate if you have not gone over all of the policies and the compensation package with the potential new hire.  You may have found the right person, however the candidate surely has their own financial goals as well as personal needs which require consideration before accepting a new job. 
  • Train new hires immediately -  if you have ever been hired for a job and then “thrown to the wolves” you understand the importance of thorough job training.  There are certainly some positions which simply are easier to learn as you go, however a new employee should always have the support of a supervisor to help them as they develop the knowledge and skills required to successfully perform their duties.  Employee who do not feel confident in their new position are less likely to put forth their best effort.
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It takes time and resources to find the right employee.  Once you have found the right person, make every effort to keep them, after all a happy, a well trained and productive employee is worth their weight in gold.

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