Marketing Your Way Out Of The Recession

Salesteam_01It seems we may have passed the worst part of the recession and are now dealing with the uphill battle toward a stable economy.  As each day goes by individuals and businesses alike are finding new reasons to look forward to the future.

 While it seems possible to see the light at the end of the tunnel, many are still staggering from the effects of the recession.  Whether your business has been hard hit or able to sustain itself in the weakened economy, it is important to remember the importance of a well-designed marketing strategy. 

In an attempt to reduce costs, some businesses make the mistake of cutting their marketing budget in the hopes they will be able to weather the economic storm.  Unfortunately, this can prove to be a costly mistake and one that you should strive to avoid.  In fact, studies have shown that the businesses that continue to market during slow economic times are the businesses that most often see growth during those times. 

Here are a few tips to help keep your business out in the forefront when others are cutting their marketing budgets:

  • Know your clients.  If there was ever a time to know your clients, that time is now.  You must know who they are, what they need and how they are affected by the economic recession we are all facing.

  • Re-evaluate and analyze.  Instead of cutting your marketing budget, you should be focusing on what you are currently doing and whether or not it is working to achieve your business goals.  You may discover there are ways to change your marketing strategy that will help get the results you are looking for at a lower cost.  The key is to determine if your current strategy is delivering the results you need.

  • Assess your products and services.  Do your products and services address your prospects' and clients' needs and/or wants?  With everyone cutting unnecessary spending, you may need to revise your product line or services to reach out to consumers who are experiencing the same hardships financially as your business may currently be facing. 

  • When it comes right down to it, your marketing strategy and budget should not be considered an “expense” that can be cut when times are tough.  In fact, the money you put into marketing is the only connection you have with your prospects and clients.  And money invested in a well thought out marketing plan is money invested in the future growth of your business.

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    Thanks for sharing those few tips about keeping your business in good health.