Million Dollar Managed Services Practice Blueprint Part 1: Overview

Just what does it take to get your organization to its next million dollar milestone in the span of 12 to 24 months? In this blog series, we will explore MSP University's Million Dollar MSP Practice Blueprint and dive deeply into what service practice excellence means as it relates to business growth and bottom line profits.

In order to realize your goal of adding a million dollar's worth of new revenue to your balance sheet, you'll need the following: 

  • Strong Leadership
    • In order to effect change within your organization, you must first effect change within yourself
  • A Capable Team
    • You can’t do it all yourself, so you need an effective team that will accept responsibility and accountability for their roles and responsibilities
  • A Measurement Process
    • To establish the current state of performance in your key business units
    • To help you determine your desired state of performance
    • To uncover the data needed to perform your GAP Analysis   
  • A Solid Plan
    • You need a proven roadmap that incorporates both strategic and tactical activities that can be assigned to your capable team to execute
  • A Measurement Tool
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) tailored to measure improvement or lack thereof in key business units based upon measurable activities
  • Resources
    • To guide and support you through your business improvement and transformation
We will break down each of these areas during this blog series to reveal key factors that can either accelerate or impede your progress towards achieving your million dollar Managed Services Practice milestone, and discuss how to avoid pitfalls and realize success by implementing sound business management and growth strategies in each of these key areas.

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Erick Simpson
MSP University
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