MSPs Benefit As More Businesses Get On Board The Cloud

Clouds Time changes everything. That is one fact that business owners and Managed Services Providers can agree on. The way businesses have operated in the past may have worked in the past, but today there are new technologies and business practices that simply have to be implemented in order to remain competitive. 

Take for example the way most companies used to handle paperwork. In the past, thousands of jobs were made available to people whose sole responsibility was organizing and keeping track of business files. Keeping a file on everything and anything was the only way for an organization to remain organized and have important information needed at any time available for review. Today of course, the need to keep each and every piece of paper that comes through the door is neither necessary or practical. This reality has led to many companies migrating to electronic document management solutions and moving all or most of their data to an offsite facility – which can save labor, time and money, not to mention the environment.   

Today, more and more companies are seeing the benefit of cloud based data management.  By taking advantage of cloud based services, businesses can digitally access their records regardless of where they are physically stored. Managed Services Providers can use cloud computing as a tool in their arsenal as well.  Once they get a business on board with offsite hosted service, these clients are more willing to consider other cloud-based services. 

The reality of the situation is not unlike other managed services that MSPs may currently provide.  When it comes right down to it, many business owners don't really want or need to understand the technology behind the services they consume.  They simply know what they want as an end result of their technology investments, and leveraging cloud computing solutions might be a good fit for many of these clients and prospects. 

Basically it all boils down to the relationship the MSP develops with their clients. By providing value and strong customer service, Managed Services Providers can build the foundation which will encourage their clients to trust their recommendations on how to better manage their business systems.  When considering whether or not cloud computing will be a boom or bane to the Managed Services industry, it is safe to say that many Managed Services Providers will see the growing popularity and benefit of this technology as an added advantage to add to their solution stack.

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