How to Open Doors and CLOSE Deals! State of the Industry Webcast with Erick Simpson


State of the Industry Webcast

Erick Simpson
Erick Simpson
Senior Vice President & CIO
SPC International

Mark Winter
VP of Sales 
Rapidfire Tools

How to Open Doors – AND CLOSE DEALS!

Register Now and Join us Wednesday, 

December 11th at 11am PDT/2pm EDT

Are you finding it easy to sell your services and solutions or are you struggling to sell them consistently and increase net new revenues each month? 

Get new prospects and existing clients to say “YES” to the services you deliver.

Non-technical business people don’t know what they don’t know. . . they too easily get accustomed to the declining performance of their computers and networks, without realizing the underlying problems — problems you can solve. 

Register now for my special Webcast on Wednesday, Dec. 11th at 11am PDT/2pm EDT

As part of this presentation, you will learn how to get clients to take on more of your services and — better yet – show prospects where their current service provider is dropping the ball. 

Our Sponsor: RapidFire Tools

This special Webcast is brought to you by our Sponsor and Strategic Partner, RapidFire Tools, and I’ll be joined by Mark Winter, Rapidfire Tools’ VP of Sales.

The event will also include a presentation of Network Detective, featuring the industry’s only 100% non-invasive network assessment engine. The RapidFire Tools team will show you how quickly and easily you can automatically collect network data while you interview your prospects and tour their facility – all with no agents, probes or software to install. They will also share with you branded reports you create that will open the doors for new product sales and new recurring services.

Every registrant to this special Webcast will receive the following 3 Bonus digital downloads:
  1. My comprehensive, 100 Step New Client On-Boarding Checklist
  2. My Best Practice Guide: The Sales Engineering Process
  3. My Best Practice Guide: The Project Management Process


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