Our Optimizing Your PSA Webcast Begins In Less Than 2 Hours…

A quick reminder that our special, 30 minute Webcast on optimizing your PSA solution today begins in less than 2 hours – I know that you will receive value from attending it. I thought I’d provide you a glimpse of what we’ll be covering, so that you can be prepared with any questions you might have.

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First, I want to discuss the challenges we all face as IT providers in terms of our Operational, Marketing, Sales and Service Delivery performance and needs, along with how we fail to optimize the tools we invest in to help us get the most ROI and margin from our marketing, sales and service delivery efforts.

Next, I’ll share the incredibly comprehensive suite of tools, forms and processes we have developed to help you maximize your investment in your PSA solution, and how to use it to increase the efficiencies, reporting and management of your 4 key business units.

Finally I’ll share our new PSA Maximization Service, where we will take all of the processes we’ve created and integrate them into your PSA – so you can hit the ground running, and finally get what you need out of your PSA solution to help you accelerate business growth and profitability.

P.S. – before I forget, during today’s Webcast only, I will be offering you an incredible promotion that you simply will not want to miss, that will extend the benefits of this service far beyond what I have described, and improve and accelerate the performance of each and every one of your staff.

See you at 11am PDT/2pm EDT!

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