Microsoft TS2 Managed Services Events

I helped Sharjeel Noor from Microsoft’s TS2 team conduct a Managed Services-focused in the field event in San Diego yesterday. In addition to covering Managed Services from an introductory overview (I wove in some of our standard MSP University training slides into this presentation), additional topics covered were Microsoft System Center Essentials, Forefront Client Security, Windows Vista Group Policies and Exchange Hosted Services.

I really got the audience keyed up when Sharjeel asked me to talk a bit about Microsoft Financing, and how easy it is to leverage this powerful tool to help close deals (

The Microsoft TS2 team is giving  away a free copy of our first book: "The Guide to a Successful Managed Services Practice" at each of 45 stops on this tour, and are featuring a link to purchase it for 20% off during these events.

I’ll be presenting again at thet event in Los Angeles tomorrow (sign up here:

I’ll also be at the San Francisco and Irvine events on September 25th and 27th. Sign up here:

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Haas and the Magic Formula

Well, we finally did it – I was able to hornswaggle our good friend Karl Palachuk into helping me conduct a webinar on HaaS – Hardware as a Service. Karl has gotten this HaaS thing figured out – he’s come a long way from the breakfast meeting we shared a few months ago at SMBNation East in Islandia.

Talk about things happening for a reason…I wasn’t even going to go to this Event, as it was advertised  primarily as an SBSC exam-cram and test-out (I got my SBSC early last year), but Karl had scheduled a pre-day event launching his new book: Relax Focus Succeed (get it at, and offered me the opportunity to tag-team with him. It was an offer I couldn’t easily refuse…Karl after dark is a lot of fun, so I figured we’d work hard, sell some books, brainstorm on our businesses and have a little fun in between.

The last day we were there, Karl and I began discussing HaaS and what we knew about it, done (or not done) with it, and started (literally!) doodling on napkins. What a great impromptu brainstorming session that almost never happened! Well, to make a long story short, we both got back to our real jobs, and worked our individual connections with Vendors such as Microsoft Financing and others to see if the beginnings of the diabolical plans we had discussed held any promise.

If you haven’t engaged Microsoft Financing in your Service Delivery, you’re missing the boat BIG TIME. A simple one-page application online for your clients, and you could be selling more solutions much easier than you ever thought possible. Check out and get signed up.

Anyway, to make a long blog post short, Karl took all feedback and input, put it into his meat grinder, and has come up with the definitive "How-To-Do-HaaS". In addition to the Webinar we did (it’s viewable up on for FREE after registering), Karl has created a Haas Toolkit. You can get it at   I suggest you pick it up right after watching the Webinar – I did.

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