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Here is Live Streaming Schedule for Friday February 24th  (all times are PST):

  • 7:00AM PST “The Secrets To Successfully Adding Telecom To Your Portfolio”
  • 7:30AM PST “Sales Person and Technician vs. Sales Professional and Sales Engineer”
  • 8:00AM PST “MSP University Cloud Expert Panel”
  • 8:30AM PST “Using Behavioral Profiles to Develop your Org Chart for Effective Growth with Sales Professionals, Technical and Administrative Resources”
  • 9:00AM PST “Effectively On-Board New Clients Through Process and Checklists to Increase Efficiency and Client Satisfaction”
  • 9:30AM PST “Building a Recurring Revenue Stream with Cloud Backup”
  • 10:15AM PST “The Third Managed Services Visit: Overcoming Objections and Closing”
  • 10:45AM PST “Using MSPU’s Sales KPI Dashboard to Meet Sales Goals and Quotas”
  • 11:15AM PST “Utilizing Your EA and PSA Properly and Conducting Effective Sales Meetings”
  • 11:45AM PST “Building an Effective Sales Prospecting Systems to Generate Consistent Leads, Appointments and Proposals”
  • 1:00PM PST “Using Powerpoints for ALL Solutions and Simple Sales Closes”
  • 1:30PM PST “Ongoing Sales Training, Books and Seminars to Hone Your Skills”
  • 2:15PM PST “ITIL, Luxury or Necessity”
  • 3:10PM PST “The First Managed Services Visit: Warm-up”
  • 3:40PM PST “The First Managed Services Visit: Qualifying”
  • 4:10PM PST “The Second Managed Services Visit: Presentation”
  • 4:55PM PST “Introduction to SMBTN”
  • 5:10PM PST “Using MSPU’s Business Training Platform to Train and Monitor Your Entire Organization”
  • 5:40PM PST “Homework, Warp-up and Q&A”

See you in Orange County…Virtually!

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