Should You Use A Blog or Website To Market Your Managed Services?

Keyboard Managed service providers are not unlike other businesses that rely on successful marketing strategies to compete within their industry.  To do this today, you must have an online presence.  One thing managed service providers have in their favor is the natural inclination to be more familiar with technology.  With that being said, it is just as important to understand who your targeted audience is and how they will go about finding you on the Internet.  Knowing how the technical side works is an advantage, however understanding what your clients are looking for is also necessary to properly market your business. 

There is no doubt that you must have an online presence in order to be competitive in this day and age.  Everyone from pre-teens to baby boomers have access to and take advantage of the world wide web.  With the ever growing access to wireless and the mobile Internet, having a solid platform from which to market your business online is imperative.  Website or blog, some people may think they are one and the same, however that is not the case.  Knowing which route you should take will increase your chances of reaching your intended audience and better position you within the industry.  Here we look at summary information regarding both websites and blogs to help you determine which is a better platform for your managed services business.


A website is great way to promote products and services with detailed content relevant to your  industry.  When using a website to promote your company, understand that the content should be informative and decisive, explaining to your visitors exactly who you are and what services you are providing.  Your website can contain several pages which are connected with "links" allowing a visitor to navigate your site to find information they are looking for, such as frequently asked questions or contact information.  This is a great starting point to provide the basic information potential clients will be seeking when searching for a managed service provider without putting in the time required to update a blog on a regular basis.


A blog is slightly different than a website in that it allows communication between the "blogger" and the general public.  The most successful blogs are constantly adding content, in some cases daily or even several times a day.  This information appears in chronological order, with the most recent content appearing at the top or on the main page.  Blogs are a great way to provide up-to-date articles that engage your readers by encouraging comments or feedback that you can use to communicate with potential clients.  In most cases a business can be successful using both a website and blog, however there are instances when blogging is not necessarily your best bet.  Here are a few cases where having a blog may not be the best route you can take to connect with your clients. 

  • Your product or service remains basically unchanged
  • It would be difficult to write daily content that is interesting, relevant and not repetitive (either due to the type of product or service or the lack of time to write content).
  • You lack the knowledge or time to take advantage of social media networks.

Whichever method of online marketing you decide to use to promote your business, be sure you understand the basics of Internet marketing.  In many cases, even with managed service providers who are knowledgeable in regards to computer technology, it is the amount of time needed to promote and maintain a website or blog that is the problem.  In any event, having a strong online presence is necessary to remain competitive in any industry today.

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