Strategy Is Not a Four Letter Word in Business

Challenges Working IN a business is not the same as working ON a business.  Small business owners are most likely to succeed when they focus an adequate amount of time ON the business, to help guide its direction and grow at an acceptable pace.  I adapted that from one of those great management books, though I’ll name no names.
As I survey our MSP University Partner community, I notice Entrepreneurs behaving like Technicians.  I see a lot of attention being paid to the “ins and outs” of how to effectively open and close a trouble ticket within SLA, how to use the Multiple of W2 calculation to drive engineer utilization, how to execute a cold calling campaign, and how to close a Managed Services opportunity . These things are important, true, but I hear less conversation among our partners about their Central Growth Objectives, Bottlenecks, and their Top 5 Strategic Priorities, and seldom hear a partner describe his Big, Hairy Audacious Goal.
This indicates that all too many business owners may be neglecting one of their critical functions:  working ON the business.  They may be spending all their time working IN the business instead.  Maybe it’s because they’re naturally inclined to focus on the technical work of the business (if they’re an engineer at heart).  Maybe it’s because they’re less certain about their knowledge of business strategy and planning.  Maybe it’s because they don’t think that they have time.  Well, perhaps it’s time to take a step back and remember who’s the Captain of the ship, after all.  What’s your course, and who’s manning the helm if the business owner isn’t?
Stay tuned for some great live webinar training from MSP University in the coming weeks on Strategic Planning, Brand Management, Growth Strategy, The 5 Most Important Questions of a Business, and more.  In particular, we look forward to welcoming Mark Faust of Echelon Management.  Mark founded Echelon Management in 1990 and has successfully facilitated strategy (self assessment) and sales innovation initiatives with hundreds of companies, including many software and other high tech oriented companies.
Check out for our complete FREE live training schedule, including Mark’s upcoming session on April 29th.  We look forward to seeing you there! 

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