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Selling the Cloud: Show Customers How the Cloud Benefits Their Business

If you're able to show SMBs the value proposition the cloud offers – including how the technology improves their businesses, decreases costs while increasing productivity and network performance – how could they refuse from a business perspective?  If you want SMB customers to come to you for cloud computing, you'll want to show them the technology's business advantages throughout the sales cycle, while assuring them that the cloud services you provide are reliable and secure.

The biggest challenge to selling cloud computing to customers is their confusion on the topic.  People won't buy something if they're not sure what it is or why they need it.  It's no wonder customers are confused.  Since application service providers (ASP) arrived on the scene ten years ago, the terms managed services, software as a service, network-based services and infrastructure as a service have all emerged as well.  For the sake of simplicity for our already-confused customers, all of these terms can be lumped together and described as “cloud computing services”.  They all have one thing in common:  they become the responsibility of the MSP rather than the responsibility of the customer.  Software is hosted on the MSP's cloud network instead of on the customer's server or computer, for example.

Less responsibility and less time and effort on behalf of the client to maintain these technology aspects is a definite benefit to their business – and one they can appreciate.   Selling cloud services to enterprises requires that you show each customer how it minimizes their total cost of ownership, minimizes their supplier management responsibilities, delivers on SLAs and provide a wide range of services that are useful now and that can evolve to meet the future requirements of the business.

Once you've eliminated some of the confusing surrounding cloud computing services for your clients, you need to translate how cloud computing technology provides real business advantages.  Benefits like faster deployment, lower cost of operation, increased flexibility, access to data and applications from anywhere at any time – and how these benefits will give businesses the edge over the competition.

As a Managed Services Provider, your ability to clearly explain cloud computing benefits to your customers will help bring the technology into the mainstream, and position you as a reliable expert in the industry.  The real value an MSP offers their clients is not in the technology offered, but in the expert knowledge you provide and the ability to meet the needs of your customers even while those needs are continuously changing.

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Are You Ready To Walk Into The Cloud?

If you're not, you'd better get ready, as the Cloud is here and here to stay. Our good friend Karl Palachuk is hosting a great Cloud-focused 6 hour pre-day event ahead of SMBNation on Thursday October 21st, 2010. I can't think of a better reason to arrive in Las Vegas a day early!

Here is Karl's announcement:


Walking Into the Cloud – Prices Go Up Friday!

PLEASE do yourself a favor and register now for the big SMB Nation PreDay Event – Walking Into The Cloud: Make Money Selling Cloud Services in the SMB Space

This is a SIX HOUR training by two SMB I.T. Pros. And it's only $199 right now. But October 1st the price goes to $249.

Please join us in Las Vegas for this event. We will focus entirely on moving into cloud services AND making money while doing it.

The program starts at 10AM on October 21st.

I will be joined by Jeff Johnson from Technology Marketing Toolkit. He will present strategies for Marketing and Selling Cloud services.

So the price of admission includes six hours of education, plus lunch! Six hours of content – all focused directly at cloud services.

General Topics Include:

  • Intro to Cloud Services
  • Moving into The Cloud
  • Migration Strategies
  • Selling and Marketing Cloud Services
  • Developing a Cloud-Based Business Model

Please Register Today
Early registration is only $199
After October 1st this price will go to $249

SMB Nation Preday Event – October 21, 2010

Walking Into the Cloud
An introduction to Cloud Services in the SMB Space – with a special focus on making money today!

Many of us have made a living selling, installing, and maintaining Microsoft's Small Business Server. But now as we begin to integrate cloud services we need to figure out how to make that transition in an orderly – and profitable manner.

Among other things, we're going to talk about…

  • Specific offerings you can use to make money
  • Marketing and promotion
  • The effect on your personnel and operations
  • The practical side of building your own, reselling others' solutions, and simply being an agent for another product
  • How to restructure what you do for greater success in the cloud
  • and more!

Plan Now to arrive a day early and add some major laser-focused content to your SMB Nation experience.

Money Back Guarantee

Satisfaction guaranteed, as always.

If you buy any Seminars from Great Little Book Publishing, we Guarantee your satisfaction – or you get a 100% refund – No Questions Asked!

Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino
(Right next door to the Flamingo)
Las Vegas, NV

Map to Cloud Services Seminar:

For more information about the speakers and event, see

Hope to see you there!

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