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Recorded Webcast Posted – Leveraging More Vendor Dollars and Less Of Your Own

We've posted our final State of the Industry Webinar of 2009 for viewing in case you missed it live!

Topic: Leveraging More Vendor Dollars and Less Of Your Own


It's the end of the year and your sales are less than you desire.  You want to market your business to increase sales, but budgets are tight.  Your sales team just keeps calling the same people.  You need new leads, new opportunities in your pipeline and more closed sales before you fall behind on your projections.
Our special guest for this valuable Webcast is our good friend David Russell, MANAGEtoWIN CEO and MSP University Boot Camp Sponsor. Dave has been in the computer industry for 28 years and spent a lot of that time as a partner of Microsoft, Cisco, Intel and other top vendors.  He has built many businesses on "OPM" (other people's money) and it's time you did too.  This is a unique opportunity to learn how to access money from multiple vendors to implement best practice marketing programs that generate powerful new sales and recurring revenue opportunities.
But do not be confused as we talk about vendor money, marketing and sales.  You are in the people business in part because the greatest asset of your company is its ability to develop and maintain relationships with local clients.  A primary skill of your vendors is branding and marketing, but they need you to cost effectively reach your local market.  It is time to combine these two strengths for greater results.
During this Webcast, you'll discover how to:

  • Access thousands of vendor marketing dollars in less time
  • Implement proven best practice marketing campaigns that increase your bottom line without your active involvement
  • Automatically hold your people accountable to achieve "stretch" goals to build your business
  • Track the status of your people's pursuit of their key objectives so your company achieves or exceeds its most important goals

Along with sharing these great secrets to leveraging your vendor's dollars instead of your own, Dave will share how to automate teh management of your vendor campaigns and cash with his cloud-based MANAGEtoWIN solution, which he started developing nearly four years ago. Although you can take what you learn during this valuable Webcast and execute the steps Dave will share with us manually, it takes too much time, lacks accountability and you will have inconsistent outcomes.

Watch this valuable Webinar and learn how to leverage more vendor dollars and less of your own!

Click here to view! – if you don't already have one, you'll need to create a FREE basic MSP University account to view this and dozens of other Webinars to improve your service delivery practice…!

Erick Simpson 
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How MSPs Determine Profitability Of Their Service Desk

Service Delivery Part 4 Last time we determined how to calculate the full burden for our billable employees. So how do MSPs take this formula and determine the profitability of their service desk? Let's work through this together. First you'll need to understand how to calculate full burden of your billable staff. Once you understand this, it is actually pretty simple to calculate profitability of your service desk and its staff.

Let's say you have 25 Managed Services Agreements averaging $3,000 each for a gross invoice amount of $75,000 per month.

Next let's assume you have 3 service desk technicians whose full hourly burden is $132.31/hr.

Finally let's estimate that for the last billable month, your service desk technicians spent 150 hours managing service desk requests and proactively patching, updating and optimizing your clients' endpoints.

Let's summarize:

  • Monthly Managed Services Billing = $75,000
  • Service Desk Full Hourly Burden (3 x $132.31/hr) = $396.93/hr.
  • Hours of service delivered last billable month = 150

Now let's do the math. Multiply the hours of service delivered during the last billable month by your service desk's full hourly burden to determine your full labor burden for the service desk for the month:

150 x $396.93 = $59,539.50

Now determine your margin. Use a quick online calculator like's here (you'll need Java installed to run it – where was this site when I was in school!) to discover that $75,000 is 25.97% greater than $59,539.50, so you've made an ok, if not terrific margin:

Margin = 25.97%

If this is your true profit from your service desk, you've got some work to do in reducing costs and increasing efficiencies, as best-in-class MSPs are realizing upwards of 60% margin on their deliverables!

Join MSP University for FREE to learn how to reduce your IT practice's costs, raise efficiencies, improve sales and increase the value of each sale!

Erick Simpson 
MSP University
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