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MSP University Webcast – Increasing Profitability Through Financial Benchmarking

Join us for MSP University's State of the Industry Webinar on Friday, September 18th @ 9am PST.
Topic: Increasing Profitability Through Financial Benchmarking
You monitor your customers' networks and set alert thresholds based on best practices. Learn how to do the same for your own profitability, via MSP University's partnership with the Service Leadership Index™, the broadest, most objective and most precisely relevant Solution Provider benchmark available.
Join Paul Dippell, CEO of Service Leadership and Erick Simpson, Vice President of MSP University, for the first in a series of exclusive MSP University web workshops on monitoring, diagnosing and taking action on your financial performance to help you deliver the highest and safest financial performance, month in and month out, regardless of economic conditions.
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Attend this valuable Webinar and learn to run your business by the numbers!
Identify and understand the critical key performance indicators to measure your performance, and how to interpret your financial data to increase net profits!
Our special guest for this unique presentation is Paul Dippell, CEO, Service Leadership, who will share the two fundamental formulas for Solution Provider profitability, what is best in class performance for your specific business model, how to most effectively compare yourslef against other Solution Providers with your specific business model and with other business models, how to set up your accounting system to unmask rather than obscure sources of profit and loss in your operation, and how to receive your confidential Fundamental Diagnostic Report© from Service Leadership Index™, normally $129.00 but available at no cost to MSP University members.
All attendees will also receive Service Leadership's unique Solution Provider Business Simulator©, an interactive business planning and education tool for Solution Provider owners and managers, also a $129.00 value.
About MSP University's State of the Industry Webinar Series
MSP University's State of the Industry Webinar Series is meant to inform.  The more you know about your industry, the products and services available to you and your clients, and how to market and sell those products and services, the greater your opportunities to increase your value to your clients, as well as your business success. 
About Erick SimpsonErick Simpson
Vice President and CIO of MSP University, Erick is a recognized industry expert and IT and Managed Services author, speaker and trainer, and contributor to numerous industry publications and events. Author of "The Guide to a Successful Managed Services Practice – What Every SMB IT Service Provider Should Know…", the definitive book on Managed Services, and the follow-ups in MSP University's Managed Services Series "The Best I.T. Sales & Marketing BOOK EVER!" and "The Best I.T. Service Delivery BOOK EVER!", Erick has also co-authored the HTG publication "Peer Power – Powerful Ideas for Partners from Peers".
About Paul Dippell
Mr. Dippell is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Service Leadership, Inc., a leading Solution ProviderPDippell Headshot consultancy firm at
As you whiteboard out your strategy to take your company to the next level, ink in Service Leadership as your trusted partner to help you meet and exceed your business goals. From mergers and acquisitions advisory services, executive education and management consulting to advanced peer groups and the only objective Solution Provider business benchmarking reports, Service Leadership provides the expertise, resources and tools you need to maximize shareholder value."
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See you on Friday the 18th!

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It’s time to Think Outside of the Managed Services Box

IStock_000002628379Medium It's time to think outside of the Managed Services box to set your business apart from the rest.  This is good advice and is worth examining a little bit closer.

Yes, we all have our methods of staying in contact with what is happening in our industry.  IT professionals are good at networking.  The tried and true pathways of networking with other MSP organizations and VARs work well.  Then, there are always the trade magazines, conferences, trade-shows, and websites (like MSP University!) that inundate us with information. The problem is that almost all of that information comes from inside of our industry.  There are great things happening outside of our industry that warrant a look at adopting into ours as well.

Six Sigma is one such methodology that is most often implemented in a manufacturing setting, but is finding its way into non-manufacturing businesses and settings as well.  The basis for the Six Sigma process is a series of steps that are designed to improve a manufacturing process and eliminate defects.  This has been expanded to apply to other parts of the business in a removal of anything that could lead to customer dissatisfaction.  The training for Six Sigma is detailed, intense and all-encompassing.  The useful application for it towards IT is to focus laser-like attention to delivering what the customer needs and wants and doing it with excellence on a consistent basis.

Lean Manufacturing contains elements that are applicable to our industry as well.  Along with efforts like 5 S (Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize and Sustain), the implementation of lean concepts introduce the ideas of getting the right things to the right place at the right time in the right quantity for the purpose of achieving optimum work flow and minimizing waste while being open to change.  Lean processes can be applied to a set of tasks or a workspace, thereby making the application to businesses universal.

There are others, but suffice it to say that they makes the case for adopting and modifying other practices and processes from outside of our industry to help us become better than we are now.  And we all know that there is plenty of room for improvement.  Since there is so much that can be learned and applied that will assist us at differentiating us from our competition, why wouldn't we take advantage of other industries' successful methodologies?

Widen your scope and look for new methods.  You might be surprised at what you find.

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