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Storm Clouds On The Horizon, How Will You Compete?

Storm Clouds On The Horizon, How Will You Compete?

Stuart Crawford, MSP Business Consultant

The competition for cloud supremacy is here. How will your managed service business compare when the big boys start influencing your clients and prospects on the benefits of cloud services?

One thing is for sure; the cloud is not going anywhere. It is the new norm for business, large and small. Unlike the dot com bust of the early 2000s, we have stable infrastructure and protocols to ensure that cloud-based services perform well.

There are a few simple activities that the standard MSP can do to compete head-to-head with vendors, larger MSPs and even the cable companies who will make their voices heard in the cloud market.

Many of us hold a valuable position with our clients that none of the larger firms enjoy -the luxury of holding the position of the trusted IT advisor. We are the resource that many businesses turn towards for day-to-day advice.

Can we use this to our advantage when it comes to introducing cloud services to our clients?

If our clients trust us, why would they not trust our opinion on what solutions will work best for their business? Of course they would.

It is our job to introduce and be available to answer questions our clients have on cloud solutions.

What can your MSP do right now to beat the big boys to the punch?

  • Get in front of your clients today! This is the most important activity your MSP can do.  Always offer your time to meet with your clients. Forget about just waiting for QBR time. You need to be available when your clients need you the most. Pick up the phone today and call your clients. Take them to lunch, buy them coffee or arrange a formal meeting to talk about cloud solutions.
  • Call your Chamber of Commerce and volunteer your time to talk about cloud solutions. There are many small business owners out there that are searching for someone intelligent enough to share what should be in the cloud and what shouldn’t.  This must be you and your MSP.
  • Use your company newsletter. Your company newsletter is a tool to help introduce clients to new technologies and solutions available to help their businesses. This is why your company newsletter must contain information about the cloud.
  • Start a blog. Start a company blog that focuses on cloud solutions. Use this blog to demonstrate your thought leadership and position yourself as the industry expert when it comes to helping small businesses with the right technology advice. Plus, a great blog is an awesome SEO tool.

Now is the time for your managed services business to become the thought leader and the industry expert in your chosen vertical or target market. You have to act now. You cannot sit on the sidelines and expect the world to find you.  It takes action and hard work. Are you prepared to make a difference and win your share of the cloud market?

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