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MSPU Improving Your IT Marketing Outcomes By Establishing Your Target Market – Review

What does it take to become a Best in Class IT Solution Provider Marketer? To answer that question we need to first understand the definition of a Best in Class Solution Provider: your pre-tax net income is in the top 25% of all other solution providers in your same predominant business model.

There are many factors that affect your ability to become a Best in Class Solution Provider, and your marketing sophistication and effectiveness is the most important. Without an effective marketing strategy to maximize your lead generation outcomes, your overall growth and success will be limited.

Once you’ve determined your deliverables and pricing strategy, establishing the right target market is one of the most critical decisions you will make. The good news is, if you examine your existing client base, chances are you are heavier in one or two verticals than any other vertical you currently support.

Many Managed Services and IT Solution Providers subscribe to an indirect, passive referral-based marketing philosophy that leads to supporting any customer that is referred by others; or happens to come knocking at their door, regardless of their vertical. This approach is not always efficient and profitable, and it will eventually catch up with you. In addition, scaling your business becomes much more difficult, as you cannot forecast sales pipelines or predict growth with any accuracy

When you are spread across many different verticals, supporting each of these customers’ myriad line of business applications, network infrastructures, specialty hardware and vendors becomes costly and challenging. Because of the lack of standardization in your customer environments; and its resultant negative impact on efficiencies, will be forced to continue hiring additional engineers to support your customers. This will eat into your profitability and hinder you from reaching Best in Class profits.

A better approach would be to strengthen your lead generation outcomes by establishing a Direct Marketing approach to target ideal prospects in your desired verticals to standardize on the types of customers you support. This will increase your efficiencies and profitability, as your engineers will begin to specialize on these customers’ specific hardware and software solutions and understand their workflows and procedures, allowing them to deliver services much more rapidly and effectively.

The goal is to choose one or two verticals that you would like to specialize in, and become a subject matter expert in them. This will lead to faster sales cycles, the ability to command higher fees for your services, and supporting common environments that your engineers are experienced in supporting. This will result in the need for less staff to support more clients more profitably.

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MSPU What Can You Learn From Steve Jobs To Improve Your IT Practice?

I recently finished reading Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs, titled appropriately “Steve Jobs”. This fascinating look into the highly guarded, private life of one of the most polarizing and influential geniuses of our time should be required reading for any business owner.

Jobs’ Leadership Style

Based upon what we consider the traits of a good leader, it’s easily apparent from this book that Steve Jobs left a lot to be desired when it came to his motivational style with his employees, business partners, family members – just about anyone he came into contact with. This certainly made working for, having a relationship with or negotiating against him extremely challenging, and certainly had a negative impact on him in many ways.

Vision and Determination

One thing that cannot be disputed is Jobs’ drive and desire to achieve the perfection of artistic simplicity and function in all of the projects and products he was involved in producing. Throughout his career, Jobs’ single-mindedness around the concept of a closed system containing all of the proprietary hardware and software needed to completely control the user experience is the stuff of much controversy. While the PC industry was being designed around compatibility and the ability to support any third-party chipsets, boards, peripherals and software, Jobs remained steadfast in his resolve to remain proprietary in every aspect of his systems and products, thereby guaranteeing user experience outcomes.

With this vision and resolve, he saw Apple become the most highly valued technology company in history by the time he died in 2011.


Whatever your personal opinions of Steve Jobs the man (and I have my own), there is an important lesson to be realized by reflecting on some of his core beliefs.

Jobs bet against the industry when he decided not to go the “PC-compatible” route, instead eschewing this movement in order to simplify his product offerings and control every aspect of the user experience. This created millions of incredibly loyal, satisfied customers for Apple.

How would your business be different if you simplified your product offerings to include everything your clients needed (and I mean everything), and delivered them via two or three Managed Services plans, and were fanatical about your clients and their users’ service experience?

Something tells me that you would have incredibly loyal, satisfied clients too…

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