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Newsletter Tips for Managed Services Providers

By now, you probably recognize the value in having a mailing list of subscribers and a regular newsletter.  It gives you the opportunity to provide valuable information to your existing and potential clients, establish yourself as an expert in the industry and remind them who to go to when they need the type of services you offer.

Having a newsletter is effective, but only if you're using it correctly.  Using a newsletter simply to advertise your services will backfire!  Here are newsletter tips for Managed Services Providers that will help you get the most out of having a mailing list and newsletter:

Newsletter Content Matters
It's tempting to fill a newsletter with nothing but advertisements and promotions.  After all, from your perspective the goal of the newsletter is to increase interest in your services and ultimately land more client contracts.  Unfortunately, if your newsletter offers nothing of value to the people who read it – they just won't read it anymore.  You'll start losing subscribers from your mailing list, and those who do receive it will have no reason to open it. 

Make sure your newsletter offers informative and relevant information for the people who receive it, in addition to advertising or promotions for your company.  You want your subscribers to feel like they've learned something valuable after reading your newsletter.

Use a “Read More” Link
Instead of putting all of your article content in the newsletter itself, put the first paragraph or two of an article with a “read more” link.  This link should take them to the full article on your website.  Doing this means more people will click on the link and visit your site.  They'll finish reading the article if it's of interest to them – and chances are, once they're on your website they'll start clicking around to see what else you have available there.

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Know Your Target Market
Knowing who is on your mailing list means you can customize the topics to what they'll find useful.  There is no point writing about tips for the medical industry if you only have lawyers and accountants on your mailing list!  Know who you are targeting and customize your message to their needs.

Maintain a Consistent Layout
Whenever you send out your newsletter, you should maintain the same look and layout.  This helps establish your brand, and when someone looks at the newsletter they'll know instantly who sent it.  They'll also know where to look for the information they want from your newsletter if you keep the same general layout.

Use the Sidebar Space
When creating your newsletter, don't forget the sidebar space.  The space along the left or right side of your newsletter articles can be used to include links to your website or social media accounts.  The more opportunities you create for people to click through to your website, the more people will actually click on those links and visit your site.

Frequency of Newsletter
Decide how often you'll send your newsletter.  You might choose once a week, bi-weekly, once a month or quarterly.  Whatever frequency you choose, make sure to stick to it.  You want your subscribers to know when your newsletter is going to arrive.  Newsletters are not effective if they're not sent consistently – particularly if you start sending them and then skip several months before sending another – when people receive it months later, they may unsubscribe just because they've forgotten they signed up for it!

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Erick Simpson
MSP University
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The Guide to a Successful Healthcare IT Practice! is ready for pre-order…

That's right – our new book is now available for pre-order…

The Guide to a Successful Healthcare IT Practice - Volume 1

But it contains so much information we couldn't fit it into one book!

It's a massive 2 volume publication!

The Guide to a Successful Healthcare IT Practice follows in the footsteps of our best-selling Managed Services book series: The Guide to a Successful Managed Services Practice, The Best I.T. Sales & Marketing BOOK EVER!, The Best I.T. Service Delivery BOOK EVER! and The Best NOC and Service Desk Operations BOOK EVER!.

This publication breaks new ground by documenting everything you need to know to develop or improve a Healthcare IT practice, including best practices for the 8 Critical Areas of Healthcare IT Practice Success:
1. Leadership
2. Financial Acumen The Guide to a Successful Healthcare IT Practice - Volume 2-old
3. Organizational Structure
4. Talent Management
5. Marketing
6. Sales
7. Service Delivery
8. Vendor Relationships

BONUS – Included in this one-of-a-kind resource is the most comprehensive compilation of actionable information regarding the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act; enacted as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment (ARRA) Act of 2009 to promote the adoption and meaningful use of health information technology, and how you can position yourself as a trusted technology advisor and benefit by assisting qualifying physicians receive up to $44,000 and qualifying hospitals up to $16 million dollars to offset the cost of compliance.

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Ship date for this massive 2-volume set of The Guide to a Successful Healthcare IT Practice is November 30th, 2010, but we are now accepting pre-orders at an $80 discount over cover price!

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The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) includes more than $20 billion for Healthcare IT investments

The Guide to a Successful Healthcare IT Practice reveals how to build, staff and maintain a Healthcare IT Practice effectively and profitably, along with everything you need to know about the HITECH and ARRA Acts, Meaningful Use, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Electronic Health Records (EHR), Practice Management Systems (PMS), Patient Portals, E-Prescribing, Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE), Health Level 7 (HL7) and Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). In addition, this comprehensive resource covers related topics as Healthcare Associations and Government Agencies, Vendors, Medical Practice Needs, Specialties, Terminology, Workflows and Laws and Positioning, Marketing and Selling Healthcare IT Solutions.
In 2008, the health care sector spent $24 billion on information technology, covering hardware, software, telecommunications and service/maintenance
Whether you are looking to build out your Healthcare IT Practice from scratch, add one to your existing Professional or Managed Services Practice, or simply wish to evaluate the processes you currently employ in your own Healthcare IT Practice, this comprehensive, single reference guide will educate you in each and every area required to take advantage of the teach you how to improve processes, maximize efficiencies and increase client satisfaction – all while improving your bottom line!
The New England Journal of Medicine reports that only 17% of doctors have an EMR system, and only 4% of them are fully using it – and only 8% of hospitals have an EMR system in place

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We've included everything you need in our 2-volume "The Guide to a Successful Healthcare IT Practice!"
This timely resource has been highly requested by solution providers, internal Healthcare IT departments, and Healthcare IT channel organizations worldwide, and fills the void for a Healthcare IT-specific work for the IT industry covering Healthcare IT industry education and design, tools, deliverables and hiring, compensating, training and staff management best practices; along with marketing, sales and client on-boarding and ongoing management processes for Healthcare IT Solution implementation and ongoing support.

Our 2-volume "The Guide to a Successful Healthcare IT Practice" applies the most highly effective Healthcare IT Practice operations, solution and service delivery techniques ever developed to increase your efficiencies, client relationships and revenue, allowing you to take advantage of the opportunities made available through the HITECH component of the ARRA Stimulus and leverage these funds to scale your Healthcare IT services to qualifying physicians and hospitals!
59% of healthcare providers indicate that they definitely or probably will take advantage of stimulus dollars for IT projects
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Includes valuable additional downloadable forms, tools and collateral!

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Erick Simpson
MSP University

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