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Leveraging the Value of Managed VOIP Services – MSPU Review

Phone_01 Recessions are hard on businesses.  When credit is tight and businesses are unable to get financing or loans; and overall sales are down due to the economic conditions – business owners have to find ways to reduce their costs wherever possible to free up money to reinvest in their businesses.  One area many business owners look to in reducing costs while still receiving a quality deliverable is their phone service and its costs.  For any business that must provide phone support or handle customer service via the telephone, it’s imperative that they have a reliable phone system in place.  The trouble is – business owners are reticent to shell out the cash for expensive, traditional top of the line phone systems which allow remote and traveling employees maximum connectivity and unified communications; and which make it possible for customers to get routed to the right person to help them with their issues quickly and easily – no matter where they may be.

Managed Services Providers that offer Managed Voice over IP telecommunications and unified messaging solutions can help businesses upgrade their phone service and systems in an affordable way.  VoIP-enabled businesses with employees who work from home or the road allow prospects and clients to connect with their intended resource by dialing a single number, which can route the call behind the scenes to a cell phone, home office phone or even a hotel room. And if a Voicemail is left, these VoIP solutions will email the target recipient a wave file of the message, allowing its playback from any email-enabled appliance such as a cell phone or laptop. These sound files can then be emailed, forwarded to someone else’s voicemail box, or archived. With the number of employees working from home increasing steadily, this is a capability many business owners will be looking for in their phone systems. And because these VoIP solutions rely on the Internet as their backbone for much of their call transmissions (and completely for calls between branch offices), costs are much more affordable than with traditional phone systems which rely on Local Exchange Carrier’s circuits.

A business owner that recently spent $12,000 (financed over three years) to switch her phone system to a VoIP solution with a Managed Services provider states she has cut her telecommunications bill by roughly a quarter. But even though she needed to reduce her costs in order to remain competitive during the recession, she claims the biggest benefit isn’t financial. “When we’re dealing with big customers, we have to appear to be bigger. We need to look professional. We need to be accessible. We wouldn’t be able to survive if we didn’t make this investment.”

How’s that for giving your clients a valuable service that they need?


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