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Building a Profitable IT Security Services Offering Webinar Series Part 5: Overcoming Objections and Closing the Sale
Thursday, November 29th @ 8am PST / 10am CST / 11am EST

This Webinar course will provide you an understanding of what to include in a compelling, comprehensive IT Security Services Solution Stack, the sales process for IT Security Services, and how to qualify, sell and deliver these services to prospects and clients.

It is comprised of multiple Webinars that include the forms, tools, collateral and other resources to help you understand and execute the activities required to build a new, or improve an existing IT Security Services Offering.

By the end of this Webinar course you should have a basic comprehension of core IT Security Services concepts to build, price, sell and deliver a robust IT Security Services offering to your prospects and clients. This understanding will help you develop a strategy to realize and grow more IT Security Services Monthly Recurring Revenues.

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Join us for the final Webinar in our 5 Part Series:
Overcoming Objections and Closing the Sale

The final Webinar in our 5 Part Series focuses on how to identify sales objections, qualify and overcome them in order to close the opportunity. During this Webinar you’ll learn the exact moment when your prospect is ready to be closed, and how to use trial closes and other tactics to determine when to ask for the business. These advanced sales closing techniques will arm you with the strategies and know-how necessary to close more high-values security services business.

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