Which Newsletters Do You Subscribe To?

Let's talk newsletters for a moment. And I don't mean the newsletters you receive that you haven't made a conscious decision to subscribe to – I mean newsletters that you find add value to your business or personal life. What are your criteria for signing up? Here are a few of mine:

  1. It adds value to my overall business
  2. It adds value to my personal life
  3. It keeps me informed on topics that I have an interest in
  4. It keeps me informed on topics that I have a specific need to know about (such as when I'm writing a white paper)
  5. It has been referred to me by someone whose opinion I value

I'd like to start a list of newsletters that you can contribute to, as well as add your criteria for registering for newsletters. My criterion is above, and here are a couple of newsletters that I will recommend:

Let's continue to build this list – I look forward to your comments.

Next time – your favorite blogs.

Erick Simpson
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  1. Stuart Selbst October 8, 2008

    Excellent point. Newsletters are not for selling they are for informing, just like your blogs.
    I see way too often people pitching products and services in newsletters, then they tell me they fail as marketing pieces.
    Thanks for the info and look forward to your next blog.